Top 10 Best YouTube Channels To Learn How To Become a HACKER

By Adam | Security
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YouTube is awesome, its one of the most popular websites on the web and has millions of visitors watching over a billion hours of video every month. There is every video imaginable on YouTube ranging from the downright crude through to review videos of the latest products, prank videos, and hilariously entertaining videos. But YouTube can also be an incredible source of learning and there are many channels dedicated to learning anything you can possibly think of.

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On particular topic that is very popular at the minute is ethical hacking. There is a shortage of ethical hackers out there and black hat hackers (the bad guys) are finding vulnerabilities and exploiting them every day and hacking into websites. As a result, personal data is being leaked, corporate networks are being breached, and companies are losing money. So company's need to find vulnerabilities in their software before the bad guys do. That's where the ethical hacking comes in. There's a lot of money to be made too, with many companies offering cash for uncovering bugs in their software. For a list of companies offering bug bounties, check out one of the bug bounty platforms such as HackerOne.

So if you fancy learning how to become an ethical hacker, we have a number of channels on YouTube which can help you on that road. Tread carefully though and hack responsibly. Don't just go and hack random websites to practice your skills, make sure you have permission or participating in a bug bounty program. Also you can practice on a number of deliberately vulnerable websites out there to hone your skills.

#1 justprogramming

There's a wide variety of videos on this channel including how to reverse engineer things, decompile software, how buffer overflow attacks work, how to hack WiFi and much more. There's even videos on how to use Adobe Photoshop and other random videos on Search Engine Optimisation!

#2 Vivek Ramachandran

This channel made by the Vivek Ramachandran is aimed at teaching tech geeks how to hack. There are a lot of videos here where you can learn about Linux Forensics, how to exploit Internet of Things devices and general penetration testing. Very popular channel on YouTube with nearly 8000 subscribers.

#3 Penetration Testing in Linux

This channel focuses on using the Kali Linux operating system to hack and find vulnerabilities. Videos include adding back doors into Android APK files, brute forcing SSH, exploiting Axis2 and general tips on using Kali Linux which is a favourite operating system amongst hackers.

#4 Open Security Training

Another YouTube channel made for the purpose of providing users with the best possible hacking tricks and techniques etc. This channel focuses on malware analysis, forensic database analysis, web browser attack, email origin obfuscation and much more. Some really interesting stuff here.

#5 Hak 5

This is an amazingly popular YouTube channel with over 281,000 subscribers. The videos on here are really high quality and covering interesting topics such as hacking cars, how the latest DDoS attacks almost took down the internet and even how to steal passwords from locked PC's!

#6 Network Security

This is a very professional channel effectively delivering a course in becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker. Videos include social engineering techniques, cryptography attacks, encryption algorithms, mobile application attacks and much more. Great source of information if you really want to understand the nuts and bolts of ethical hacking.

#7 Bhargav Tandel

Another popular YouTube channel, with a variety of videos. On here you can find out about the deep web, android ransomware threats, web penetration testing using Kali Linux tools and how to avoid Intrusion Detection Systems. Definitely no shortage of valuable information on here.

#8 thenewboston

This is an INSANELY popular YouTube channel with over 1.4 million subscribers. You'll find everything on here from learning how to program, how to do basics maths and algebra through to games programming. Not directly related to hacking, but as a hackers, its essential to learn how various language work and how applications are put together.

#9 NetSecNow

Another channel dedicated to hacking and cyber security with a very healthy subscriber base of just over 33,000. Videos on here include introductions to Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities, how to exploit using Metasploit, how to crack password hashes and even how to brute force logins using the very popular Burpsuite tool.

#10 DedSec

Again this is a channel heavily focused on Kali Linux which shows you how popular it is amongst hackers. Here you'll find videos on controlling PC's with BeEF, dictionary attacking FTP, how to DDoS websites and more. There are some very popular topics covered on here delivering a shed load of information which will help you on your way to becoming a top ethical hacker.

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So there you go, some awesome channels here, which should keep you going for a while. As I said, ethical hacking is becoming increasingly popular and companies are paying handsomely to protect their applications and websites from being hacked and exploited. If you know of any more channels that you think are worth sharing, please let me know and I'll add them to the list.