What Programming Language Should I Learn First? [Infographic]

By Adam | Programming
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If you're at the top of your game when it comes to programming, then your prospects are endless. You can get awesome jobs with top firms such as Google and Facebook and you could even succeed at creating your own startup and earn millions of dollars.

Learning how to code is fast becoming an essential skill but its also seen as a cool profession to be in. There are also an abundance of courses out there too if you want to learn a programming language such as Python, Java or other popular programming languages.

But which one should you learn first? If you're going to be spending your precious time learning a programming language, you need to be sure you're going to get something out of it.

To help you decide, check out the infographic below to see which programming language is right for you. But whichever one you decide to learn, once you have got the hang of it, you will have a valuable skill that will open up all kinds of possibilities for you.

What Programming Language Should I Learn First

Credit: MakeaWebsiteHub.com