Top 10 Ultra High Capacity Power Banks – 20,000mAh and Above!

By Adam | Electronics
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I’m sure you’ll agree that a Power Bank is an essential piece of kit these days.

Smartphones are getting smarter, they’re doing more things, but as a result they drain your battery like there’s no tomorrow.

The obvious solution to this problem is better batteries, but that technology isn’t fully developed yet.

Another solution of course is to use a decent Power Bank.

For example, a Power Bank with a capacity of 20000mAh or more will charge your phone multiple times over.

I didn’t have one of these power banks until last year and the reason I got one, was because I was sightseeing in London and my phone ran out of battery before I got chance to take a decent picture of Buckingham Palace!

Anyway from that point on, I vowed that this would never happen to me again, so I went out and got a Power Bank.  And it literally goes everywhere with me!

The other great thing of course is that you can charge your phone without them being plugged into the mains – which is great if you like to unplug chargers and switch things off at night.

Top 10 Power Bank 20000mAh

Below is a handy table that I have made which contains the best 20000mAh Power Banks on the market (at the time of writing).  This gives you a quick overview of the essential features for each device.

Below the table is a more in depth description of each Power Bank which will help you make a decision as to which is more suitable for you.

There’s also a guide at the bottom of this post which explains some of the jargon so you can gain a better understanding of what you are buying.

Product Name Image Capacity (mAh) Number of USB Outputs Flashlight? Digital Display? Details
RAVPower 22000 Portable Charger 22000 3 No No
Anker 20100mAh Portable Charger 20100 2 No No
EasyAcc 20000mAh Portable Charger 20000 4 Yes No
iMuto 20000mAh Portable Charger Compact Power Bank 20000 2 Yes Yes
EC Technology 22400mAh Power Bank 22400 3 No No
Zendure A8 QC External Battery 26800mAh
(Editors Choice)
26800 4 No Yes
LQM 20000mAh Dual USB External Battery Backup Power Bank 20000 2 Yes No
ExpertPower 20000mAh Ultra High Capacity External Battery Power Bank 20000 2 Yes No
Vinsic 20000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank 20000 2 No Yes
SLE-TECH 20000mAh Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank 20000 2 Yes No

1.  RAVPower 22000 Portable Charger (Amazon, #CommissionsEarned)

(Amazon, #CommissionsEarned)

The RAVPower 22000 Portable Charger enables you to charge three devices at once using its 3 iSmart USBs giving a total output of 5.8A.

At 22000mAh, it’s a huge battery and you can charge your smartphones and iPads multiple times.

Recharging takes just 11-12 hours with a 2.4A charger.

In terms of aesthetics, it looks great with its black curved alloy exterior and four blue indicator LEDs on the top.

2.  Anker 20100mAh Portable Charger (Amazon, #CommissionsEarned)

(Amazon, #CommissionsEarned)

The Anker 20100mAh Portable Charger isn’t quite as powerful as the RAVPower 22000 (Amazon, #CommissionsEarned) but still packs a decent punch and can charge an iPhone 7 almost seven times.

Despite this power, the Anker portable charger is remarkably light, weighing in at just 12.5 oz.

The Anker also supports high speed charging as it uses the PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies to deliver a fast charge.  It can also recharge in about 10 hours if you use a 2A charger (Amazon, #CommissionsEarned).

3.  EasyAcc 20000mAh Portable Charger (Amazon, #CommissionsEarned)

(Amazon, #CommissionsEarned)

This portable charger allows you to charge no less than 4 devices simultaneously using 4 USB ports giving a total output of 4.8A.  This can really come in handy especially if everyone in your family has a phone.

When you plugin your device, it detects automatically the speed at which your device can be charged up – up to a maximum of 2.4A which is almost twice as fast as a standard USB port on a computer.  Most phone chargers too are only 1A.

The inputs on this device are 4A so this charger can be recharged rapidly in about 6 hours which is awesome!

You also get overcurrent, overcharge and short-circuit protection as standard to protect your devices.

4.  iMuto 20000mAh Portable Charger Compact Power Bank (Amazon, #CommissionsEarned)

(Amazon, #CommissionsEarned)

Despite the 20000mAh high capacity battery on this charger, it is actually smaller than the iPhone 6 Plus but powerful enough to charge it up almost 8 times before it needs charging again.

There’s a couple of technologies that are in-play here.  The first is iM-Power Technology which helps to protect your devices and delivers a faster charge.  The second is Digi-Power Technology which is a digital display that shows you the remaining power of the battery and also lets you know when the battery is fully charged.

There’s also a built in LED flashlight for when it’s dark or you’re in a poorly lit area which is a bonus.

Like the EasyAcc above, you also get smart protection technology to keep your devices safe from over-charging, over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuits.

5.  EC Technology 22400mAh Power Bank (Amazon, #CommissionsEarned)

(Amazon, #CommissionsEarned)

This EC Technology Power Bank is a remarkably high capacity charger at 22400mAh, so you’re going to get plenty of charges out of this one.  For example, the iPhone 6S can be charged up to 7 times in a single charge.

The USB inputs will also allow 4A of juice, so it charges up to full capacity in just under 5.5 hours.

There are three USB output ports in total which are all equipped with AUTO IC technology that detects the speed at which your device can be charged up – up to a maximum of 5.5A.

6. Zendure A8 QC External Battery 26800mAh (Amazon, #CommissionsEarned)

(Amazon, #CommissionsEarned)

This Power Bank deserves a place on this list on its capacity alone.  It has a total output of 6.1A and can charge 4 devices at once.  It also has an LED digital display so you know when to top it up again.

There’s a few great features that make this stand out for me.  First, there’s this feature called “charge-through” which enables you to continue charging devices at full speed whilst simultaneously charging the Power Bank.

Secondly, it turns on itself when compatible devices are connected and thirdly, the Zendure can keep up to 95% of its charge after six months of being in standby!

The build quality on this Power Bank is excellent.  It’s made of crush proof composite material and has a shock-absorbing central belt to make this device ultra durable – so perfect for the great outdoors, camping etc.  It looks the part too!

7.  LQM 20000mAh Dual USB External Battery Backup Power Bank (Amazon, #CommissionsEarned)

(Amazon, #CommissionsEarned)

The LQM Power Bank is super portable and has a slim, ergonomic design, so fits into your hand perfectly.  It’s not quite as powerful as some of the other Power Banks on this list, but it can charge two devices simultaneously and has a decent capacity at 20000mAh.

What I like about this device is it’s simplicity.  It’s nice and compact and could easily fit into your pocket or handbag.  It’s very light too at just 12.8 ounces.

8.  ExpertPower 20000mAh Ultra High Capacity External Battery Power Bank (Amazon, #CommissionsEarned)

(Amazon, #CommissionsEarned)

This Power Bank is also compact and super portable similar to the LQM above.  It has a total output of 3A, one USB is a 2A output, the other provides a slower charge at 1A.

On the device, you have some status LEDs which will let you know when it needs charging up and there’s a handy flashlight you can use too for dark environments.

The battery is ultra reliable too and allows it to be charged well over 500 times and has short-circuit and over-current protection as standard.

There’s also an automatic shutdown protection mechanism should there be a short-circuit or overload detected in the output whilst charging.

9.  Vinsic 20000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank (Amazon, #CommissionsEarned)

(Amazon, #CommissionsEarned)

What immediately struck me about the Vinsic Power Bank is that it is ultra slim and doesn’t have any buttons, yet still has a decent capacity of 20000mAh.

Despite being slim, it is well built and has a hard plastic & aluminum alloy construction.  It also has room for an LED indicator so that you know the remaining capacity.

In terms of safety, the Vinsic supports a number of features including over-charge, over-discharge, over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection so you know your devices are protected once they are plugged in and charging.

10.  SLE-TECH 20000mAh Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank (Amazon, #CommissionsEarned)

(Amazon, #CommissionsEarned)

This high capacity 20000mAh USB power bank has two USB outputs, one of them outputs 1A, the other is 2A and of course you can charge two devices simultaneously.

This Power Bank, although not the smallest at nearly 6 inches long, but it is transportable and comes with a flash light so you can find your way in the dark.

The SLE-TECH isn’t as well made as some of the others on this list, but given the price it’s very good value for money.

What do all the technical details mean?

OK this section is written to help you with some of the technical details, so you know exactly what it is you’re buying.  It will also help you to understand the specifications in the comparison table above which will help you decide which one to buy.


Capacity is one of the most important specs on a Power Bank and it is measured in mAh’s (milliampere-hour).  For example, 1 mAh is the amount of charge transferred by a steady current of one milli-ampere flowing for one hour, so you can see that 20,000 mAh is a lot of charge that can be transferred to your device in one hour, which means the battery has a high capacity.  So we’re saying that this measurement is the amount of power that the Power Bank can store.

USB Interface

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and is a standard type of connection for many devices.  USB generally refers to the type of cables and connectors used to connect external devices to computers and transfer data between them.  Power Banks however use the USB interface just for charging and therefore transfer power to devices that are connected to them.


The output of a Power Bank is measured in amps and a Power Bank has a maximum output.  So, say for example a Power Bank has 4 USB outputs and two of those outputs are rated at 2A and the other two are rated at 1A, then the total maximum output would be 6A. 

If you decided to plug three tablets in and each of which requires 2A of current and you plugged in a smartphone which drew 1A, then the total output would be shared between the devices and so they would take longer to charge.

So the bottom line is, if a power bank has several outputs then you need to take note of the maximum total output capacity since it may not be able to simultaneously support each at full power.


The input rating is important to consider because the higher this figure, the quicker the Power Bank will charge. You’ll see a figure for the input in Amps but to find its power rating in Watts, you simply multiply this number by the voltage (5V for USB) 

Note that you can use any output to charge any USB device but it will only draw the amount of power it needs.

Safety (over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit etc)

Most of the Power Banks on my list have some sort of protection for over-voltage, over-current and short-circuits etc.  Not only are these safety precautions, they also help to protect your device from surges, which could destroy the electronics inside.

Wrapping up

So that’s completes my roundup on the best Power Banks over 20,000 mAh.  My favourite has to be the Zendure A8 QC External Battery (Amazon, #CommissionsEarned) for a few reasons.  First of all the capacity of the battery is huge at 26,800mAh – so you’re going to get plenty of charges out of this.  Also the build quality is excellent – robust enough to take away camping etc.  Also the maximum output is high at 6.1A, so the chances are, your devices are going to charge simultaneously at full power.

Also, this Power Bank is able to charge 4 devices at once, is able to keep up to 95% of its charge after six months of being in standby and has a decent LED digital display so you know when to top it up again.

A close second would have to be the iMuto 20000mAh Portable Charger (Amazon, #CommissionsEarned).  It has a decent capacity, and although it can only charge two devices simultaneously, it does have and digital display and an LED flashlight.  It is also very good value for money.