This Little Gadget Uses Water To Charge Your Mobile Phone

By Adam | Gadgets
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This ace little gadget is a portable water generator and essentially provides you with your own hydroelectric plant that is small enough to fit in your backpack!

The bullet shaped gadget is called the Enomad an is roughly about the size of a thermos flask. There are three propellers that flip down and lock into position. Once the device is fully assembled, you simply put it into any source of flowing water to charge it up. You can also tow it behind a kayak or other water vessel. The way it works is by getting the propellers to turn an internal turbine which charges up the battery.

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The Enomad takes roughly two hours to charge and once charged, it can be disassembled to reveal some USB charging ports. The battery has a 5200mAh output which should be able to charge an iPhone 6 twice. If you don’t want to charge devices with it, it also doubles up as a lantern. Just simply screw the translucent cover back on and push a button.

The company says it was inspired to create the Enomad to generate electricity to assist underprivileged communities where power is scarce.

The company have now launched a Kickstarter campaign and is expected to retail at $180. Checkout the video below: