Watch: Terrifying Moment When A GREAT WHITE SHARK Breaks Into A Divers Cage

By Adam | Science
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Despite their ferocious reputation, great white sharks aren’t out to attack or eat humans, in fact there is some evidence to suggest that they dislike our taste. However, you wouldn’t want to get too close to one and you definitely wouldn’t want to get trapped in a cage with one like this particular diver did.

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The footage below was filmed by YouTubers Gabe and Garrett who were on a shark watching trip on Guadalupe Island off the Mexico coast. Their trip almost went horribly wrong when a great white shark suddenly ended up INSIDE the divers cage trapping the diver within it. The shark was in actual fact trying to devour some tuna chunks but it trapped the diver in the cage for around 15 seconds as it thrashed around in a feeding frenzy. Eventually, the shark made its own way to the top of the cage to free itself, injuring itself on its gills in the process.

Once the shark had escaped, it suddenly dawns on the crew that a diver is stuck inside but a few seconds later, the diver emerges to claps and cheers by his fellow crew. It transpires that the shark was being lured towards the cage with tuna but with its incredible strength, broke through one of the metal bars. Luckily, the diver managed to escape out the bottom of the cage when the 10ft long shark got trapped inside it.

Check out the incredible footage below, it really shows how powerful these predators can be. I think this story also highlights an important point here and that is to treat sharks with respect. There’s a saying which goes, “if you play with fire you’re gonna get burned”, and I think this is especially true in this case. Do you agree with Baiting? Let me know in the comments below.