Robotic Bar Tender Can Mix 120 Cocktails An Hour At Tipsy Robot in Las Vegas!

By Adam | Robots
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We all know that AI and robots are going to take over, but the last thing you’d expect to see is a robotic bartender, right?

Well believe it or not, at the Tipsy Robot bar Last Vegas, you can in fact order a cocktail from a huge selection of drinks on their drinks menu and a pair of robot arms will mix it together for you to create the perfect cocktail, according to the BBC.

Instead of walking directly up to the bar to order your drinks like in a traditional bar, you order your drinks at the touch of a button on one of many tablets provided.  You can customize your order and create your own concoction or you can choose an item from their extensive cocktail menu.

Unlike humans though, the Tipsy Robots never tire and can work continuously and to produce up to 120 an hour, with each one taking between 60 and 90 seconds to make.  And because the robots are able to use exact measurements, you also get the same great tasting cocktail consistently every single time!

And should the robots not be able to keep up with the demand, there are 8 humans that can step in at any time!

Don’t expect to get much banter with the bartenders in this bar though, and you can forget about discussing the latest football scores, but at least you’ll get a consistently good drink every time and it’s a definite ice-breaker on that first date!

If you prefer something a bit more human though, you can always head over to the Tipsy Robot Human Bar 🙂