Microsoft Augmented Reality To Power The Battlefields Of The Future

By Adam | Internet
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HoloLens is Microsoft's augmented reality (AR) offering which is an incredibly exciting piece of technology. It has many potential uses in the real world ranging from gaming through to 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) but until now, it has not been considered for the use in the military.

According to Defence Blog, Ukrainian company LimpidArmor has started experimenting with the HoloLens and has fully integrated it into a helmet. This allows tank commanders to use it alongside a Circular Review System (CRS) of cameras which are located on the sides of armoured vehicles, providing them with a 360 degree view in real-time and at a high resolution. The helmet also has the ability to stream video, automatically lock onto targets and also highlight enemy and ally positions.

The technology was shown off at the Arms and Security show, held in Kiev from 11 to 14 October and although the helmet is only a concept, it is showing incredible promise with plans to bring it to the market as soon as possible. LimpidArmor is also thought to be developing civilian implementations of the helmet for use by airline pilots and drone pilots.

It's not difficult to imagine that this type of augmented reality will become commonplace on the battlefields of the future. I can see other uses for them too including gaming and they'd be particular useful whilst driving (imagine a projected image of your blind spot and warnings of potential hazards ahead). Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Credit: LimpidArmor