International Space Station Style Floating Lab To Explore The World’s Oceans

By Adam | Science
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This incredible floating city dubbed the “City of Mériens” by French architect Jacques Rougerie is designed to hold 7000 scientists and students whilst they conduct research on the world’s oceans. The 900 metre by 500 metre research facility has a number of facilities including classrooms, lecture theaters, and laboratories. It even has a number of sports and leisure facilities.

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The vessel is designed such that it can withstand rough seas and harsh weather conditions. It can even be submerged up to 120 metres below the surface where there is less turbulence. It is also designed to be completely sustainable and autonomous according to The Creator’s Project. It is also designed to be powered by marine renewables and produce zero waste, although it is not yet certain how this will be achieved in practice.

The vessel is similar to the International Space Station in that it will advance science and technology and allow us to gain a new insight into the ecosystem of world’s oceans, which considering that the earth is made up of 70% water, we know surprisingly little about them.

Check out the video below to see it in action

Photo credit: Sea Orbiter