Want To Speed Up Your Ridiculously Slow WiFi? Here’s How

By Adam | Internet
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Even if you’ve got fibre broadband, you’re probably still frustrated at the speed of your connection.  So instead of huffing and puffing at your router and repeatedly turning it on and off until your finger is sore, check out the video the steps below to get the the speed you deserve!

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  1. Put the router in the center of your house in the open so that the signal will be broadcast equally in all directions.
  2. Lift the router up off the ground because WiFi signals cannot penetrate floors made of metal, concrete or cement and routers tend to broadcast their waves slightly downwards.  So unless you live in a cellar or basement, put it on a pedestal of some description.
  3. Keep the router away from your other electronic gadgets such as your TV, computer or microwave as these can interfere with the signal.
  4. Point each antenna in a different direction (if your router has antennas).  Devices work best when their internal antennas are parallel with the router antenna.  To maximise the chances of this optimal parallel configuration, put one antenna vertical and the other horizontal.
  5. Measure the signal strength using various apps that are available and work out for yourself what you need to do to fix it.

So there you go, hope that helps.  Although some of these things may seem obvious, not everyone is aware that simple changes like these can make a huge difference.  Give them a try, if your connection is still letting you down, then call your Internet Service Provider or press the on/off button until either your finger becomes sore or the router caves in and finally gives you a faster connection.