How To Listen To Youtube With Your Phone Screen Turned Off [EASIEST Method]

By Adam | How To
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The YouTube app on my phone (Amazon, #CommissionsEarned) has to be one of my favorite apps, I use it to watch videos (obviously) and many of the videos that I like to watch are music videos.

Great.  So what’s the problem?

Well the main problem and one of the greatest bugbears that I have is the inability to continue listening to YouTube whilst my phone is locked!

Literally, as soon as the my phone is locked, the music stops! 🙁

Luckily, there is a way around this problem and I’m going to cut to the case here and show you the easiest way, in just a few steps.

So if you’re ready to continue listening to your music when your phone is locked, perhaps at the gym or walking the streets, then here’s what you do:

Step #1

Go to Chrome or whatever BROWSER you use on your smartphone and find the video you want to listen to on YouTube.  Note, do not use the app, otherwise this will not work.

YouTube mobile app

Step #2

Select the menu (three dots, top right) and select the Desktop site check box.  Press PLAY.

YouTube mobile app desktop checkbox

Step #3

Turn your screen off/lock your phone and then turn the screen back on so that you’re at the lock screen again.

Step #4

Press PLAY and you’re done, mission accomplished!

YouTube widget on lock screen

What I would say is that make sure that your phone is configured to display notifications on the lock screen (at least the non-sensitive ones), otherwise you won’t see the YouTube widget and play button.  If you haven’t touched any of these settings before, then the default lock screen notification settings should do the trick.

That’s it, simple as that, enjoy listening to your favorite YouTube music in the gym or on the go!