Here’s What Could Happen If You Spend Too Much Time In Bed

By Adam | Science
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We all like having a lie in at the weekend, getting warm and cozy under the duvet whilst we nurse our hangovers but what would happen if we spent that bit longer in our beds? What would happen if we never left our beds at all? Well here is a summary of what could happen.

  1. You will start to develop horrible bed sores. 
  2. You will loose half of your strength within just 3-5 weeks! 
  3. Your endurance will decrease and you will begin to loose muscle and bone mass. 
  4. Your resting heart rate will increase by 1 BPM every two days that spend in bed.
  5. Your blood volume will also decrease leading to less oxygen uptake by your body’s cells, causing you to become tired more easily and therefore more likely to stay in bed even longer!

These are just some of the things which can happen to you if spend too much time in your bed. Other things include increased anxiety, increased risk of kidney stones and much more. Check out the video below which I think explains the effects brilliantly.