China Is Building Killer Robot Technology Into Its Cruise Missiles

By Adam | Robots
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The future of war is upon us as China are now incorporating ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE into its cruise missiles according to the Express which could propel China to the forefront of the arms race.

Wang Changqing of China's Aerospace and Industry Corp revealed that the company was developing artificial intelligence to revolutionise the wars of the future.

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He said "We plan to adopt a 'plug and play' approach in the development of new cruise missiles, which will enable our military commanders to tailor-make missiles in accordance with combat conditions and their specific requirements."

The difference with these AI missiles is that they have drone-like capabilities so that they can gather intelligence and pick out and lock onto targets with minimal human intervention.

According to Changqing, the new technology would "allow commanders to control them in a real-time manner, or to use a fire-and-forget mode, or even to add more tasks to in-flight missiles".

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere at the moment and is powering things like Google Photos, Siri, and the latest video games. It is also revolutionising robotics, medicine and the stock markets but it hasn't until now had a lot of impact on the military. I'm all for progress in this area, but maybe this is a step too far. I'm comfortable with AI being used to gather intelligence and find potential targets but I do think that human beings need to have the final say, especially when you're talking about peoples lives. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.