Checkout The Cutest And Hardest Working Robots In China! [Video]

By Adam | Robots
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These little orange robots are just so cute that I just had to show this video to you guys.

Not only are they cute, they are also extremely hard working and don't stop working for 8 hours straight!

Although these robots are cute, they have an important job to do.  And that is sorting over 20,000 parcels every hour for STO Express, one of China's largest courier firms.

The robots identify each parcel by scanning a QR code using its own camera, and make virtually no mistakes.  To receive a parcel, they just flip their lids and then tip them into chutes in the correct area depending upon the parcel's destination.

These little orange machines are (46cm) long, 15 inches (38cm) wide and 7.5 inches (19cm) tall and weigh 26 pounds (12kg).  They follow a pre-set route carrying parcels as heavy as 11 pounds (5kg) round the warehouse in a mesmerizing display of efficiency.

Warehouse Robot

They don't get tired unlike their human counterparts and can keep going without cigarette breaks for a solid 8 hours.  After that, they can self-charge themselves in about an hour and a half.

The robots are so efficient that they have enabled the company to save over 70 per cent in terms of manpower.

Warehouse Robot

These little orange workers have been designed by HIKVISION, a Chinese tech company based in Hangzhou.  A spokesman from the company told the Mail Online "It would take workers five hours to sort the same number of parcels the robots sort in three hours. In addition, workers might make mistakes, handle parcels violently or become stressed and tired under high pressure."

The cute little orange robot is not the only robot HIKVISION has designed, it has designed four robots in total each designed for a different job.

Warehouse Robot

There are four variants of the Smart Warehouse Robots.  They enable smart efficient warehousing by sorting and handling and can be used in a variety of industries such as the food industry, manufacturing and e-commerce sorting.

Sorting Robot

The sorting robot is the one that has been described above and the one that you can see in the video.

It's designed for quick and efficient parcel sorting and with the support of a back end system, it is able to transport sorted goods to an unloading dock ready for delivery using the best possible path.

Transferring Robot

These robots have a double layer of rollers enabling it to distribute materials between warehouses and productions lines.  They are particularly suited to the manufacturing and logistics industries.

Parking Robot

The parking robot can allocate and move vehicles up to 3000kg into the best parking spots in a public car park.  This robot uses laser scanning to avoid obstacles and communicates over WiFi to enable seamless communication and roaming.

Check out the video below to see the above robots in action!