Artificial Intelligence Saves A Womens Life. The Best Bit? Humans Failed.

By Adam | AI
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Artificial intelligence is making its way more and more into our daily lives and recently IBM’s Watson, saved the life of a Japanese women and correctly identified her disease in just 10 minutes. What is unbelievable, is that her illness went undetected for quite a while leaving doctors stumped.

Once the AI had identified the disease, the doctors were then able to develop a treatment for the women in question, which ultimately saved her life.

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The key to the successful diagnosis was in Watson’s ability to sift through huge amounts of data quickly, which no human beings are capable of doing.  In fact, the system took the woman’s genetic code and compared that with 20 million clinical oncology studies.  In the end, the woman was diagnosed with a very rare form of leukemia.

Professor Satoru Milano from the medical team at University of Tokyo said that based on this use of Watson, that it was likely that AI could “change the world”.

Find out more about IBM’s Watson in the video below.