9 Scary Things You’ll Find When You Go On The Dark Web

By Adam | Security
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Ah the dark web. For those that don’t know, the dark web is the off-piste part of the internet that even Google doesn’t know about. If you want to learn more about it, there’s a Bonkers Explainer coming soon, so look out for that. The dark web is accessed using a freely available Tor browser where you can access special “.onion” sites which host an array of sinister and bizarre content. Much of the content available is completely illegal and includes stuff such as pirated music and files, drugs, child pornography and sites where you can buy and sell stolen credit card details.

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Here are 9 things that can be found on the dark web. Some of them are not surprising but some I’m sure you will agree are downright bizarre.

1. Cooking Women

Yep, this is no joke. You can find a guide to cooking women on here. It even goes into the nth detail here including what body types to use for specific cuts, how to prepare the cuts and even how to ensure the girl your cooking lives as long as possible! WTF?!

2. Comic Book

So what I hear you say, you can get a comic book anywhere let alone the dark web. The difference with this one is that the entire back page contains a sheet of LSD.

3. Pretzels

Nothing strange or sinister about this one, just a German bloke selling Pretzels. The mind boggles.


4. Wish Pill

Another weird one, you can buy what is known as a “Wish Pill”. You take the pill, make a wish and apparently your wish will come true.

5. Hitmen

You can hire a hitman in Mexico for $400.

6. Carrots

Seems very strange that you want to buy carrots on the dark web when you can buy them from a local supermarket but there’s a guy there selling them for Bitcoin. They’re not radioactive or enable you to see in the dark, just bog standard carrots.


7. Counterfeit Gucci Products

There’s even a template for creating counterfeit Gucci products

8. Credit Card Details

These are available on the dark web and often come in batches of 100 as some of the cards may have been cancelled.

9. Drugs

There are lots of drugs on the dark web such as cigarettes, cocaine, heroin and so on. One seller is reported to be selling cocaine with 99% purity and even has laboratory reports to prove it according to A Plus.

Illegal Drugs

So there are some examples of some of the sinister and not so sinister things you can get on the dark web. I’m of the opinion that these sorts of black markets have always existed and that they’ve shifted onto the web. A lot of what is available on the dark web is also available on the visible web too, though the buyer and seller are more anonymous on the dark web. It has to be said though, you are never completely anonymous on the dark web as everyone leaves some kind of trace and often email addresses and usernames are shared and reused on the visible web.

Have you ever been on the dark web? If so, why not share your experiences in the comments below.

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Photo credit: USMS-Omaha-24 via photopin(license)